With fewer and slimmer bars than other systems, the Ultrasky Lantern Roof has the flexibility to respond to your design aspirations. If you’re building a flat roof extension with lanterns, such as a house extension or orangery, you are sure to create a sense of interior space.

It doesn’t matter whether you want to create a dining room, kitchen extension – or even a bedroom or bathroom; the Ultrasky flat roof lantern will support your creative ambitions and empower you to build a stylish room space that is perfect in every way.

Whatever style of property you own, the Ultrasky roof lantern will enhance it – meaning you’ll be able to create a traditional or modern effect. Your new flat roof extension will look exactly the way you had envisioned it and improve your home’s market appeal and value.

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The initial step is to add ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ rafters to existing conservatory window frames, including a GRP structural ring beam and ridge.

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Next, we position internal sheets are below the GRP rafters. Our sheets are 100% waterproof and only one-third of the weight of plasterboard.

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Finally, we add a high-quality Tapco or Metrotile roof to the structure. Both Tapco and Metrotile have a traditional roof finish dependant on your property and the required cosmetic look.

Transforming Conservatories With A Ultrasky Lantern Roof

Like a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory, unburst conservatories are ideal for capturing that period heritage. The style is opulent and reminiscent of times gone by, making it perfect for period homes.

Very often, homeowners opt for a beautiful decorative glass feature at the very highest point of the gable-end, with a rising sun being one of the most popular designs. 

Whether you choose roof glazing or a more practical tiled finish, is entirely up to you. What we do know is that if you choose a completely covered finish in the form of tile, you’ll still enjoy plenty of light thanks to the high gable end at the front of the structure.

Whatever option you choose, we guarantee that your sunburst conservatory replacement roof will always be a majestic feature of your home, guaranteed to provide a wow factor.

Here at Transforming Conservatories, we use only the finest materials to ensure a beautiful and highly functional end result.

With over 30 years of experience, dealing specifically with conservatory roof replacement, we know what works and what doesn’t. 

Whether you have a specific idea of what you want or would like a helping hand in choosing your ideal replacement conservatory roof, our team at Transforming Conservatories is on hand to help.

Contact us today and take your first step toward a new and beautiful sunburst conservatory roof replacement. 

For more information on our Sunburst conservatory roof replacements and how they can transform your conservatory, contact our expert team today.

From the first phone call, you can rely on us for first-class customer service as well as a quality product, every step of the way.

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