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If you have decided to add a conservatory to your home, we can help you make the best choice to fit your family’s requirements and match your house. Whether you want to add elegant extra living space or want a small lean-to conservatory to store bicycles and outdoor clothing, the Transforming Conservatories team is on hand to make the procedure straightforward and hassle-free.

We offer various conservatory designs and solutions to suit all homes, from a classic conservatory with full-height windows to a performance conservatory featuring the latest insulated column technology, which is five times more thermally efficient than typical brick columns. You will see more information on these conservatory types further down this page. We can help you with all aspects of the construction, from the initial quote to the design process to upkeep once it is completed.

We can help you if you have decided that you need additional living space in your home, but are unsure which type of conservatory is best for you. Or you may be debating whether a conservatory is suitable for your house. Or perhaps you are thinking about replacing your old conservatory roof and want to learn the advantages of a solid tiled roof over a glass roof. Whatever your situation, we can provide you with an overview of each solution.


Return On Investment

Conservatories are a highly desired feature in a property, making them ideal for anyone wanting to sell, and they are a reliable long-term investment. It’s estimated that a conservatory built with quality materials can add at least 5% to the value of a home.  Prospective buyers will see the potential instantly.

Make the Most of Your Home

Not only does a new conservatory add financial value to a property, but it also provides a fresh way to enjoy your home and garden. Depending on your preferences, the family can use it to relax, entertain, or pursue a hobby, such as learning to paint or play a musical instrument.

Enjoy the Outdoors

A conservatory will lift your mood by allowing in lots of natural light and presenting beautiful outdoor views, bringing the garden into your home.


We have a selection of shapes and designs to correspond to any home’s architecture, whether you want a contemporary conservatory or a more traditional design. The popular lean-to conservatory shape or the more classic, circular Victorian conservatory shapes are available, among others.

Classic, Performance, and Designer are the three design choices we offer. All are outstanding options for homeowners who wish to extend their living area without moving to a larger house or overspending on a costly loft conversion or brick extension.

Modern conservatories have excellent thermal efficiency, so you can enjoy your new space all year round.

Once you’ve decided on the shape that best suits your needs, you can start thinking about the design alternatives that will serve your directives.

For the aesthetics, you have a broad spectrum of fabulous colours. Our roofing systems come in shades, including grey and white, so that you can match them appropriately to your home.

We can add an expanded soffit, which serves an aesthetic and a functional purpose. Functionally, the fundamental reason for fitting a soffit is to protect the rafters from the elements. Keeping damp from the rafters decreases the chance of mould and helps increase the lifespan of a construction. A soffit also provides the perfect spot for exterior lighting, allowing you to enjoy the garden on warm evenings.


A conservatory is an excellent way to bring the outside inside all year round. But when choosing a conservatory, you should consider the structure that best fits your needs and suits your house.

We offer a variety of conservatory shapes across our design options to make it easy for you to realise your dream conservatory extension. Whether you choose a contemporary or traditional type, all our designs offer performance benefits and attractive aesthetics to complete your home.

Lean To

The Lean To is one of the most prevalent conservatory shapes. This basic yet favoured design is recognised by its rectangular shape, which ‘leans’ onto an existing wall of your home and typically has a sloping roof. It’s practical and is a popular choice for traditional and modern properties. It is especially useful for properties with limited garden space, as it does not require much room.

Lean-to conservatory


Victorian conservatories are another timeless structure. A faceted construction that dates to the Victorian era, the style is characterised by a captivating ornamental roof and circular shape.

victorian conservatory (1)


Edwardian conservatories remain extremely popular. These designs are symetrical and balanced, with a slanted roof reaching from each edge, giving them a look of grandeur.

Square conservatory with solid Edwardian roof

Georgian Sunburst

The Georgian conservatory is a popular choice for period homes, where it blends in seamlessly. The layout of Georgian conservatories makes them perfect as a dining area. The square shape is one of the most efficient designs for extra space in a home extension.

Georgian Sunburst roof (1)

P-Shape Conservatory

A P-shape conservatory offers the best of both worlds. This design combines the simplicity of a lean-to with the luxuriousness of a Victorian structure, giving you plenty of extra space. Because of the P-shaped conservatory size, you can split it into two separate rooms if desired.

P shape conservatory

A Classic Conservatory Design

New Conservatories - The Classic conservatory

We have partnered with Ultraframe, a leading UK provider of thermally efficient conservatories and roof replacements. The Classic Conservatory by Ultraframe is one of the most popular and attractive conservatory styles available.

The Classic Conservatory features a glass roof developed to illuminate your room with abundant natural light. The Ultraframe Classic roof system is a highly developed and successful conservatory roof, used and trusted by conservatory installation companies for almost two decades. One in every two UK conservatories constructed during this time has an Ultraframe Classic roof, proving the popularity and efficiency of the product.

With many years of design innovation and progress, it is no wonder the Classic Conservatory, with its market-leading roof design, is the preferred construction for the majority of conservatory extension installers and their clients.

We offer the Classic system in regular and custom designs, including Lean ToVictorianEdwardian, and P-shaped, as well as bespoke conservatories. The Ultraframe Classic roofing system offers several optional upgrades to enhance this spectacular conservatory further.

The Classic conservatory roof comes in assorted colours, including white, rosewood, golden oak, cream, Irish green, and sage green.


Conservatories are continuously exposed to the elements and must offer a functional space owners can use night and day, no matter the time of year. Whatever style, shape, or conservatory size a homeowner wants, whether a glass or polycarbonate roof is preferred, or whether the roof has a steep or shallow pitch, the Ultraframe Classic roof system can handle the UK’s weather conditions.

We can fit lighting into the pelmet to produce a cosy effect after sunset when no natural light is available.


A classic conservatory stands out from the crowd when Ultraframe’s super-insulated columns are incorporated into the design. We can create a modern or traditional effect by using plain or fluted pillars, which achieve a U-value of 0.16 – around five times more efficient than brick pillars of an equivalent size.


You won’t be limited to any predesigned plans with our classic conservatories. We employ procedures compatible with the most popular conservatory shapes when working with this model. So we can build a small lean-to, a huge P-shaped conservatory, or anything in between, depending on your available garden space.


A classic conservatory becomes even more attractive with an ornate cornice added. We can fit a flat version compatible with Ultraframe conservatory roofs, or a more rounded style. Either way, the cornice adds a superb finishing touch.


Colour plays an integral part in conservatory design. Your conservatory should blend into the main part of your home. We have a range of colours and shades available to ensure your extension looks like part of your home.


As a long-established company, at Transforming Conservatories, we know how to construct compliant designs that meet the conditions of local planning and building regulations. Whether you want extra living space, an office, or a kitchen conservatory, we’ll ensure your structure meets the legal requirements in full.


The Classic Conservatory is built to your size specifications. Add wide-bi-fold or sliding doors to enjoy unobstructed views of your garden and to keep a breeze flowing during warm weather.

The innovative design of the Classic Conservatory offers a thermally efficient room that lets plenty of light to give the feel of spaciousness, while maintaining an ambient temperature throughout the year.

Performance Conservatory

New Conservatories - Modern performance conservatory

Ultraframe, the world’s market-leading conservatory supplier, also manufactures The Performance Conservatory. If you select this model, you can enjoy the unbelievable aesthetics of the construction and cutting-edge thermal performance.

We expect you are wondering what makes the performance conservatory different from other models available on the market. Super-insulated sturdy columns add a sense of permanence to the configuration while stabilising the temperature inside. Flat or fluted choices are available, depending on if you prefer a traditional or modern look. Ultraframe columns are 500 percent more thermally efficient than brick pillars and can achieve a U-value as low as 0.16.

Extreme UK weather conditions won’t affect the Performance Conservatory. Whether you live in Kent or another part of the southeast, we guarantee you can use your Performance Conservatory comfortably all year round. Each installation uses NASA satellite data that predicts snow and wind loading in any given area.


A performance conservatory looks spectacular when seen from the outside. We can supply a flat ornamental cornice compatible with Ultraframe conservatory roofs. The cornice creates exceptional sightlines that hide guttering and the roofline.


The Performance Conservatory is compatible with Ultraframe’s two most popular roof systems, Classic and Quantal. These feature concealed elements that allow for wide pelmets and expansive doors.

An insulated pelmet fitted around the frame of the Performance Conservatory stops warm air from escaping from the interior. During hot weather, the ingenious thermally efficient glass prevents the interior from overheating and becoming too warm. By managing heat loss, the roof design guarantees the conservatory’s interior is at a cosy temperature all year-round.


The Performance Conservatory design works with any conservatory shape or size. If garden space is restricted, and you want a small conservatory, a lean-to shape fixed to the side of the house is a perfect solution. Or you might prefer a P-shape offering two distinct areas if you have a large garden.

You want your conservatory to have an impact without overwhelming your home’s architectural tone. The Performance Conservatory comes in assorted colours to blend perfectly with the existing property.

Like with other Ultraframe models, the Performance Conservatory allows you to add expansive bi-fold doors or sliding doors to open the space, flood it with light and enjoy the views.oughout Kent and the southeast of England.

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