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Outdoor Living Space Shade Solutions

We install state-of-the-art systems for those who relish outdoor living. Our retractable pergola roofs will completely transform your exterior living space and allow you to enjoy plenty of outdoor events, no matter how much the British weather decides to act up.

Our objective is to enhance the outdoor living experience, whether you are entertaining friends, having a family BBQ, or relaxing alone with a good book. We achieve this with the highest quality roof systems made in the UK. These systems are designed to provide comfort out of doors all year round.

We are dedicated to offering our customers top-notch design options for aesthetics and functionality. We provide an enthusiastic concept-to-completion service, offering a top product for residential and commercial settings.

Thanks to an innovative design, you can enjoy the perfect quantity of sun or shade by turning the louvres. Or you can fully retract the pergola roof for an alfresco event with full sunlight. When closed, the louvres latch together to prevent even the most substantial downpour from raining in on your get-together.

Fully Retractable Roof Pergolas

A retractable roof canopy allows you to make the most of your outdoor living space, regardless of whether the sun is shining or if it is pouring with rain.

You can wholly or partially close the roof on sweltering summer days to enjoy a cool pleasant shade. The louvered roof system allows you to adjust the louvers to the best position for the desired amount of shade and sunlight.

On cooler days, keep the roof retracted to enjoy the available sunshine. Closing the canopy will seal the louvres together to prevent any water from dripping through if it is raining. Outdoor events have never been more enjoyable!

A retractable patio roof offers many benefits. In addition to full sun and shade control, the covering also helps with ventilation. When you open the roof slightly, warm air will rise and exit.

Our durable retractable roofs withstand wind, rain, and even snow, so you can use your exterior spaces long after the summer is over. We can create a retractable roof precisely as you want it, with optional accessories including heating, LED lights, electrical plugs, and speakers.

Waterproof Pergola Canopies

The word “pergola” is often used interchangeably for various outdoor installations, but a pergola is a specific outdoor living structure, with a roof and open sides. Homeowners will typically install a pergola in a back garden, and you will also find them in public parks and commercial premises, such as pubs with outdoor seating. A patio pergola can be fix to a buildings wall, or freestanding. Because pergolas do not have walls, they create an attractive, open atmosphere.

The problem with some pergola designs is they afford little, or zero protection from the elements. This is where a waterproof pergola canopy comes in.

A retractable waterproof pergola roof transforms a comfortable outdoor space into a liveable, visually appealing extra room, that you can enjoy at any time of the year. A waterproof roof will not only protect you from the rain, meaning you don’t have to rush indoors at the first sign of rain, but you also have protection from too much sun.

Our waterproof pergola canopies come with an extensive choice of design options, to matching the look of your home and garden area.

Outdoor Living Pods™

The Prestige Outdoor Living Pod is a luxury retractable patio shade to suit any outdoor living area. It is a fully retractable roof with louvres to provide easy, flexible shade over your seating area in summer and shelter from the rain and even snow during the winter months, all at the touch of a button.

The Outdoor Living Pod comprises a sturdy but elegant aluminium construction to transform your outdoor space into an all-weather, all year round, outdoor living space. The Living Pod is ideal for outdoor dining, drinks parties, or a family get-together.

This retractable roof will keep you cool when the sun is scorching and dry when our changeable climate suddenly pours with rain. You can tilt the aluminium louvres for exact shade or sun control when the weather is in-between. You can operate the motorised louvres remotely, which makes precision shading effortless.

You can rest assured that the rain will exit via a hidden gutter system built into the frame when it rains hard. You can also continue enjoying yourself during heavy snowfall, as the roof will hold up to 70 kg of snow per square metre; The Outdoor Living Pod truly deserves its reputation as an effective all-seasons patio awning.

Outdoor Dining Pods for Sale

The Prestige Outdoor Living Pod comes in a matt white shade as standard. However, we have Outdoor Dining Pods for sale in other colours to match any existing colour scheme.

Each Outdoor Living Pod is custom-made to a customer’s unique requirements. Therefore, when you order a Living Pod, you can specify the precise size you need and choose from a freestanding awning, or a cover attached to your property.

You can choose optional extras such as infrared heating, LED lights, and rain sensors. You can also add side panels for privacy and further protection from the elements.

Please contact us to discuss your needs, and we will provide you with a free itemised quote depending on your requirements.

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