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P Shape Conservatory Roof Replacement

The P-shaped conservatory roof combines the modern lean-to conservatory with the more popular and rounded style of a Victorian conservatory. Combining these two types of conservatory creates a useful P-shaped extension to the home, adding a versatile addition to your living space.

To build a P-shaped conservatory, you need a certain amount of space for the construction. With this in mind, this conservatory style is more popular among large, detached property owners and as a result, gives an already sizable home an impressive addition in terms of looks and living space.

Being larger in size and boasting two different shaped areas, the P-shaped conservatory is often used as two separate rooms. The rounded area of the P-shape conservatory is commonly used as a child’s playroom or second lounge.

If your conservatory is looking a little worn, consider a P-shaped conservatory roof replacement. A solid roof will maintain a comfortable temperature all year round, helping to reduce utility bills.

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Livinroof p-shaped high-tech ceiling aerial view

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At the first stage, we add ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ rafters to the conservatory window frames, which include a GRP structural ring beam, rafters, and ridge.

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The next step is to add internal sheets beneath the GRP rafters. These sheets are completely waterproof but only weigh a third of the weight of plasterboard.

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Finally, we put a high-quality Tapco or Metrotile roof in place. Both styles give a classic roof finish similar to the roof on your property or your required cosmetic look.

Old P-shaped conservatory roof before replacement

A Replacement Conservatory Roof For Your P-Shaped Conservatory

Our replacement P-shaped conservatory roof replacement service comes with a quality assurance like no other. They aid in the temperature control of your conservatory, ensuring it’s not a greenhouse during the summer months or an icebox in the winter and will withstand even the most severe weather conditions.

Whether your P-shaped conservatory roof is built using frame and glass or extends from the ground up, using brickwork, we have you covered with a friendly team that has an amazing amount of knowledge and experience you will be hard pushed to find elsewhere.

Whether you prefer glass or tiles, you can trust Transforming Conservatories to make your dream a reality, so contact us today.

With different options available when it comes to the roof of your conservatory, be it hipped or lean-to style, it pays to have a team on hand who knows what they’re talking about.

We have spent 30 years working with conservatory roofs, replacing old and worn roofs with new and improved options.

Using the best materials and roofing systems on the market, we’ll work with you, to establish exactly what you’re looking to achieve before showing you how we can make it happen.

P-shaped conservatory with a tiled roof

If you’d like more details on our P-shaped conservatory roofs and how we can transform your conservatory, contact us today.

From the initial phone call through to completion, you can rely on us for first-class customer service as well as top-quality products.

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