An orangery, similar to a conservatory, fills a home with natural light, but its differentiating features are a brick base and a flat roof. This flat roof typically has one or two ‘lanterns’, which are glass structures built into the roof.  Our orangery extensions feature exceptionally high ceilings to optimise space and broad pillars that create a feeling of grandeur and provide insulation and privacy. You can choose from a selection of traditional and contemporary designs to match the architecture of your home.

An innovative roof thermal system provides a comfortable temperature all year round. So, whether you choose a traditional or modern orangery, your new room will provide a perfect space for entertaining or relaxing regardless of the weather conditions outside.


An orangery extension is a captivating feature in any home. Once a sign of importance and prosperity that only the wealthy could afford, an orangery is now a practical and accessible extension for any property.

Early orangeries were not constructed on the side of a home as additional living space as we know them today. Wealthy landowners built them as separate constructions for exotic plants imported to Europe from tropical countries.

Orange trees and other citrus fruits do not do well in wintry weather and need somewhere warm and protected to survive. The name orangery originates from this usage.

While the feel of luxury and resplendence still exists in today’s orangeries, very few, if indeed any, are used for their initial purpose.

Orangeries combine skilled masonry work, timber, and glass to make a delightful architectural design that provides extra space filled with light.


Nowadays, homeowners are spoilt for choice when it comes to orangery design. You can choose a contemporary orangery or a traditional period design to match a home’s architecture. At Transforming Conservatories, we have a team of orangery experts who will listen to your ideas and create your dream orangery.


The Ultrasky Roof optimises light as it extends to the eaves beam. Unlike a flat roof, the slimline design has no cumbersome radius end and allows more light to enter than a traditional flat roof.

Our contemporary orangeries have proved repeatedly to be a worthwhile investment for any home, with the modern design giving a building a trendy feeling. The design allows for sliding or bi-fold doors, full-height windows, and an extensive selection of stylish finishes.


Thickly insulated columns in our orangeries provide a sense of luxury and prestige. Smaller columns support the corner sections of the construction, with the larger versions placed inline. Our columns have an aluminium covering; you can choose from flat or fluted.

The Ultraframe roof is insulated with reinforced expanded polystyrene and styropor carbon. This combination of materials produces U-values as low as 0.16. The thermal performance of our columns is 500 percent higher than a brick pillar of a matching size.


A choice of ornamental cornices adds interest and uniqueness to the roof line and hide unattractive guttering. Ultrasky’s patented trimming enhances insulation to keep the orangery comfortable all year round.

We supply various cornices in differing styles. They look stylish and are placed at 90° angles. We also stock a curved contoured cornice that works well with all orangery designs.


Like our conservatory roofs, the careful selection of high-performance materials guarantees that your orangery is a functional living space you can enjoy all year round. We also offer additional bespoke features such as modern shutters, remotely controlled lighting, or underfloor heating to create a room of ultimate comfort.


We work with the UK’s leading awning and roofing manufacturers to provide homeowners across Kent and the Southeast with retractable or fixed patio awnings for residential and commercial settings.

We offer custom-made pergola and carport canopies for pergolas, freestanding patio awnings, and retractable canopies used to make a sheltered space on the side of the house.

Our products are of the highest quality and can be sized to fit any area, large or small. Having an outdoor area protected from the elements allows you to spend more time benefitting from fresh air and natural light while also making the most of the space available and adding value to your property simultaneously.


The Transforming Conservatories team takes care of every stage of the patio awning installation process from start to completion. Contact us today to discover how we can transform your garden or patio into a living space you will enjoy all year round.

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