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Converting to a solid roof conservatory
for Stanley Road,


Solid sunburst conservatory roof built
for Westfield Road,

Bexley Heath

Edwardian tiled conservatory roof built
for Linkoln Way, Bexley Heath


Investing in a conservatory or an orangery is a popular trend among UK householders and the perfect way to take advantage of natural light and gain additional space while increasing buyer appeal and adding value to a property at the same time.

At Transforming Conservatories, we know that every client and project is unique. To cater to different tastes and requirements, we offer an extensive choice of orangeries to match all home architectural styles.

Our orangeries include classic, modern, and bespoke models, all available in your desired shape and size. Our competitive prices allow homeowners access to a beautiful and durable home extension without breaking the bank.

We have partnered with Ultraframe as our home extension manufacturer. Ultraframe is a world leader in the supply of thermally efficient roof systems, orangeries, and conservatories. Their orangery extensions feature lofty ceilings to optimise space and expansive insulated pillars that create a sense of luxury and deliver privacy.

An ingenious roof thermal system added to the orangery delivers an agreeable temperature all year round. So your new room will be a perfect space you can enjoy regardless of weather conditions.

When choosing us to supply and fit your new orangery, you can count on our expertise and professionalism throughout the entire design, construction, and installation process.


Modern Orangeries

Traditional Orangeries

Lantern Orangeries

Orangery with new glass roof
Classic conservatories and orangeries design


Conservatories are among the most desired home extensions in the UK. Adding a conservatory to your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to gain extra space. Whether you want a garden office, a playroom, additional kitchen space, or to create a room where family and friends can relax, a conservatory gives you the freedom and space to realise your goals.

If you have decided a conservatory is the best extension for your home, we can offer you many diverse designs and finishes, from a simple lean-to, or an Edwardian or Victorian model. A large P-shape structure is also an option if you have a large garden. Alternatively, we can create you a bespoke design.

From the initial stages of design to the finishing touches, you will only be dealing with permanent employees of the Transforming Conservatories team. If you need additional services such as paving, plumbing, or electrical work, you can rest assured that we only collaborate with registered tradespeople whom we have worked with many times.

Our conservatories come in a broad spectrum of shades and colours and are also available with a woodgrain effect to resemble traditional timber. However, they all have the cutting-edge advantages of Ultraframe technology, which makes them secure, exceptionally thermally efficient, and practically maintenance-free.

Our conservatories are made to measure, and you can add optimal features such as a decorative cornice, sliding or bifold doors, or full-height windows to personalise your new space.


Classic, Modern & Performance Conservatories


A gorgeous patio is a perfect feature to get more pleasure from your home. Patios are ideal for outdoor parties, showing off your BBQ talents, or enjoying quiet family time. However, if it starts to rain during your event, there is little you can do other than retreat indoors. But a hurried ending will not be necessary if you have an awning installed to cover the patio.

Transforming Conservatories offers several types of patio awnings to suit all budgets.

You can choose a standard canopy you put up and take down as needed, a pergola canopy, which is a permanent cover, or a retractable patio awning. All types of awnings come in all sizes to accommodate any patio.

Alternatively, you can opt for a porch awning, an attractive feature to add to your home, as it has aesthetic appeal and adds function.

Porch awnings offer protection from the elements, most notably from wind, rain, and snow. They also provide shade against the hot sun during the summer. Furthermore, a porch awning gives you sheltered storage space, perfect for adding a bench for shoes, coat hooks, and a place for bicycles, skateboards, or scooters.

Outdoor shelter from the elements allows you to spend more time in the fresh air and make the most of all available space on your property all year round. We specialise in bespoke canopies for pergolas, retractable house awnings, and freestanding patio awnings to suit any outdoor space. Our quality weather protection products improve outdoor areas of any size with a fixed or retractable awning system.

We deal with leading UK awning and roofing brands to provide homeowners with awning systems for residential and commercial uses.

The Transforming Conservatories team manages every step of every patio awning project from concept to completion, so get in touch to find out how we can transform your garden or patio.


Cuba Patio Awnings

Anguilla Patio Awnings

Tortola Patio Awnings

Cuba Style Patio Canopy
Old conservatory roof before new roof installation New solid conservatory roof after installation


Transforming Conservatories formed over 30 years ago, initially providing homeowners with conservatory roof replacements. We are now a well-established team specialising in installing conservatories, orangeries, awnings, and conservatory roofing. We are known for our expertise in the sector and our first-class service and fast, efficient work.

Based in Kent, we travel up and down the country building new garden extensions or transforming older conservatories with a high-performance conservatory tiled roof system.

If your old conservatory looks worn and shabby, in many cases, it is not necessary to buy a completely new structure. It is more economical and practical to upgrade the old one with a new roof.

We offer robust, weatherproof, and durable solid roofs that make your conservatory look like a natural extension of your existing home. They provide a cost-effective alternative to an older glass conservatory roof that will withstand the elements and turn your summer conservatory into an all-year-round living space.

A further benefit is a reduction in outside noise. Little noise produces a peaceful environment where you can destress and relax.

Increase Your Home’s Value

While your old conservatory roof may have looked great at the time of purchase, times have changed, and a solid conservatory roof is very much on-trend. It is sturdy and permanent.

Like when adding an orangery or new conservatory, upgrading to a solid conservatory roof increases usability and enhances the appearance of the conservatory. As a bonus, you also add value to your home, enjoy a greater thermal performance, and have a strong selling point if you decide to sell your home.

A solid replacement conservatory roof aids temperature control, preventing your conservatory from becoming a greenhouse in the summer and an icebox in the winter. It also helps reduce energy bills as you won’t have to permanently use a heater or aircon to keep the space comfortable. So not only will your new roof look great, but it will also significantly reduce heat loss.

A conservatory roof replacement is a one-time home improvement investment that will save you money on heating bills while preserving the beauty of your property. At Transforming Conservatories, our conservatory roof replacement specialists are qualified, experienced professionals ready to take on any conservatory roofing job.

Add to this our excellent customer service, speedy replies, and friendly, courteous team. Transforming Conservatories is fast becoming one of the leading orangery, conservatory, and conservatory roof insulation companies in the UK.

About Us

Solid Conservatory Roof Installation

Welcome to Transforming Conservatories, specialists in older conservatory roof replacement.

Depending on how long you’ve had your conservatory, it’s likely to have a polycarbonate roof or a roof comprising glass panels. While these may have been fine at the time, they simply cannot compete with the look and function of a solid conservatory roof.

With our bespoke roofing, there are extra features we can install, including guttering, double glazing, or window glazed panels.

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Honest, Open And Transparent

We strongly believe that excellent customer service is key to providing the ultimate experience for our clients and ensuring the best result. Every single job, no matter the size, is treated with the same importance and given the same priority.

Each job begins with our team meeting you and discovering your exact vision and what you want to achieve.

Once we’ve looked at your property and learned your project plans, we’ll sit down and explain exactly how we can accomplish your desired results. We’ll discuss the materials used, the time frame, and the cost involved.

Rest assured, with Transforming Conservatories, you say goodbye to hidden costs and ‘added extras’. We’ll tell you the exact cost from the very beginning.

From the initial inquiry to completion, you’ll have direct contact with our team at every stage. You’ll have peace of mind and know what’s happening as we transform your conservatory with a replacement conservatory roof, build a new structure, and make your dream a reality.

We believe in a very hands-on approach to ensure we iron out any potential problems before they have a chance to become an issue. This ensures a smooth process from start to finish and less stress and hassle for you.


What do we have to offer?

Excellent Service

Fast responses, trustworthy workers, and a friendly ethos contribute to our outstanding customer service. If necessary, we manage the building regulations on your behalf and will give you unbiased advice on the best extension for your home.

Temperature Control

If your conservatory is too hot in the summer and too cold in the winter, replacing the roof is the solution. A solid conservatory roof dramatically reduces u-values, which is the rate of how much heat is lost through the structure of a building.

Weatherproof Structures

Whether you want a conservatory, an orangery, an awning, or to replace a roof, we guarantee our bespoke products will not disappoint you, and the result will live up to your expectations. We only use the highest quality materials to withstand all weather.

Conservatory roof installation
Large conservatory with a glass roof

Tiled Conservatory Roof Benefits

Heightened thermal efficiency is the most popular reason for people choosing a solid conservatory roof. Not only does it withstand inclement weather better than glass or plastic, but it also helps insulate your conservatory leading to a more energy-efficient new room.

A further benefit is a reduction in outside noise. Little noise produces a quiet, peaceful environment where you can dispel tension and relax.

Increase Your Home's Value

With a solid conservatory roof, you increase usability as well as enhance the appearance of the conservatory. Whether it is a Georgian Sunburst, lean-to, Victorian, or another period-style type of roof, a new roof will add value to your home. You will also enjoy greater thermal performance and have a significant extra selling point if the time comes when you decide to sell your home.
Glass conservatory with sloped roof
Solid roof conservatory

Conservatory Roof Replacement Specialists

Conservatory roof replacement is a one-time home improvement investment that will save you money on heating bills while preserving the beauty of your property. At Transforming Conservatories, our conservatory roof replacement specialists are qualified, experienced professionals who are ready to take on any conservatory roofing job.

If you are looking for more information about our conservatory roof solutions, please contact our team today for a free quote.


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I got my conservatory roof changed from glass to tile and it is so much better! They were fast, communicative and so friendly. Thank you!

Connie FaragherHome Owner

So thrilled with our new conservatory roof which was installed today. My house has been transformed!! Really fast installation, polite and didn’t leave any mess. Thank you so much!

Jess GillHome Owner

Believe me we shopped around but could not fault this family run business. From the office staff to the man with the tape measure to the young lads who fitted the roof has been a very professional service. A good experience and a cracking job. Much recommended

Jason HoltHome Owner

This is a wonderful company. The team are a real pleasure from start to finish. The quality and communication is great! Thank you so much for my new conservatory roof!

Anne KingsmanHome Owner
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