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A beautiful outdoor patio is a perfect feature to increase your enjoyment in your home. Patios are ideal for hosting parties, showing off your BBQ skills, or family time. However, what happens if it starts to pour with rain during your BBQ or party? What can you do?

There is little you can do other than grab the food and your belongings and retreat indoors. But the rain will have put a dampener on the gathering, and unless it stops quickly, you will probably wind things up earlier than you originally planned. However, a hurried ending to your gathering will not be necessary if you have a pergola awning installed to shelter the patio.

At Transforming Conservatories, we offer diverse types of patio awnings to suit different budgets, to make sure all your get-togethers are the talk of the neighbourhood, and only for the right reasons.

Garden Awnings

One type of awning is a standard canopy that must be put up and taken down for outdoor events. The main benefit of this type of garden shelter is they are relatively cheap and available in many sizes to match the dimensions of your space. The downside to a regular garden awning is that you have to put it up when required and take it back down after your get-together. If you put it up before your party, anticipating rain, only to find the day turns sunny, you might even find yourself dismantling it in the middle of the bash.

It is not a good idea to leave this type of outdoor awning up because stormy weather or even too much direct sunlight can cause irreparable damage.

If you are looking for a low-cost way to shelter your patio, then a canopy garden awning could be of interest, but more robust and flexible options are available.

Pergola Canopy

A permanent roof built over a pergola is another type of patio awning to make the most of your garden space. Permanent pergola canopies are available in various materials, including wood, aluminium, engineered wood, and steel. Constructing a permanent pergola will make your outdoor space very appealing and add to the functionality and value of your property. However, this type of construction is more expensive than other solutions because it involves assembling a whole new structure rather than just adding an awning to an area of the garden.

Retractable Awnings

Perhaps the most popular type of awning for patios among outdoor living enthusiasts is a retractable model. Retractable awnings are available in all sizes to accommodate any outdoor space, and you can extend and retract them depending on the weather.

We can attach a retractable awning to a wall above the door leading to the patio, or you can choose a freestanding model. With a retractable awning, it is easy to keep all your guests happy with a click of a button. You can extend it when you need to shelter from the rain or hot sun, retract it completely back when the temperatures are comfortable, or partially unfold it if some of your guests prefer shade and others wish to sit in the sun.

Porch Awnings

A porch awning is another attractive feature to add to your home, as it adds both form and function. It serves three purposes; firstly, adding aesthetic value to a property. A porch awning helps blend the home’s entrances with the garden, giving comfortable access to the outside from the inside and vice versa.

Additionally, porch awnings offers ample protection from the elements, most notably from harsh winds, rain, and possibly snow in the winter and hot sun during the height of summer. Furthermore, a porch awning provides you with storage space; you can add a bench with shoe storage, so outdoor footwear remains outside the house, coat hooks, and a place for bicycles, skateboards, etc.

House Awnings

A house awning attaches to the side of the house, giving you a perfect spot just outside your home to relax and enjoy the outdoors with some protection from the elements. House awnings come in all sorts of designs and colours, and in addition to adding colour and interest to the house’s exterior, house awnings are extremely practical.

The most popular style of house awnings is retractable. Not only does this allow you to control shade and shelter from the rain while you are relaxing outside, but as the awning is attached to the house, you can control the amount of sunlight and, to a point, the amount of heat that enters the home itself. Easy to adjust, you can extend a house awning to allow the ideal amount of sunlight or shade onto the side of the house. This means you can enjoy your outside space no matter the time of day.

Our Product

We deal with leading UK awning and roofing manufacturers to provide homeowners with retractable and fixed all-weather awning systems for residential and commercial settings.

We specialise in bespoke canopies for pergolas, freestanding awnings, and retractable house canopies to suit any outdoor space.

Our high-quality weather protection products create covered areas of any size with a fixed or retractable roof system. Outdoor shelter from the elements offers you the possibility of spending more time outdoors and makes the most of all available space in your property all year round.

The Transforming Conservatories team takes care of every step of every patio awning installation project from concept to completion, so contact us today to find out how we can transform your garden or patio.

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