If you are a Kent homeowner with a leaking, damp, or draughty conservatory, it is probably time to revamp the space and consider a conservatory roof replacement.

Conservatories are either built on the side of a house, incorporating the house wall as part of the structure, or as an independent building, usually located in a back garden. In the UK, adding a conservatory to homes became popular during the 80s and 90s, when house prices rose dramatically, and it was a much cheaper way for growing families to gain space without the expense of moving.

Conservatories built during this period usually had a roof made from inexpensive polycarbonate. Earlier Edwardian or Victorian conservatories were typically built with glass panelled roofs.

Conservatories are an excellent concept to increase living space in a home while at the same time adding value to a property.

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Why replace an old roof?

The problem with roofs made from polycarbonate or glass is they do not insulate well. These materials trap heat inside when the outside temperatures are warm and allow heat to escape when it is cold outside. This means conservatories with these roofs are only realistically usable during Spring and Autumn when temperatures are moderate.

At Transforming Conservatories, we replace old, outdated roofs with

a high-quality Tapco or Metrotile roof. These roofing systems are available in many styles and colours and can be made to closely match your existing house roof for a seamless look.

The roof tiles are placed on Glass Reinforced Plastic’ rafters. GRP is not prone to woodworm and will not absorb moisture or cause condensation.

Our solid tiled roofs will last for decades, much longer than polycarbonate, and create an all-year-round living space for your family. In other words, you’ll get an additional room for a fraction of the expense of moving to a larger home.

Benefits of roof replacement

At Transforming Conservatories, one of our main goals is to help house owners conserve energy, and our products supply superb insulation with aesthetic appeal.

If your current roof is more than 20 years old, it is highly likely it is not thermally efficient. This will mean heat escapes quickly, and you probably spend a lot of money attempting to heat the room, which could also cause condensation and dampness.

Replacing an old polycarbonate or glass roof with a new insulated version will transform the look of your conservatory and change the way it feels. Furthermore, it will offer much better soundproofing, keeping outside noises out and any noise you create, inside. The added comfort of the space will increase how often you use it.

Is a new roof worth the expense?

When deciding whether a conservatory roof replacement will be worth the costs involved, there are several factors to consider.

Building planners originally defined a conservatory as an extension that had to have 75% of the roof and 50% of its walls built from glazed materials.

Because this design did not require a building permit, many had little more than a glass box attached to their property. Nowadays, Planning Permission and Building Regulations changes mean you have more options with the materials used than before.

This relaxation in the rules also means you can replace your conservatory roof with something sturdier.

If your conservatory is not practical, but you don’t want to pay for a brand new one, installing an insulated roof is the perfect solution.

Whether this is a good idea financially depends entirely on your reasons for doing so and whether having an all-year-round extra room is important.

Another consideration is when it comes to selling your property. Home evaluators estimate a conservatory with a sold roof will add between 5 and 7% to the property value.

A solid tiled roof is quick and straightforward to install. You’ll have reliable temperature control and be able to use the roof for activities that were not previously feasible. For example, you’ll no longer need to struggle to reduce the glare on a laptop or tablet screen.

Quick, hassle-free installation

Upgrading a conservatory roof normally takes around a week.

The time needed does depend on the quality of the original structure. Before starting work, our experts will survey your conservatory to determine if the installation is possible.

As a professional company with many years of experience working in the sector, we carefully investigate if your current structure can hold the weight of a new roof before starting work. In most cases, even Edwardian and Victorian conservatories can endure the extra load.

If planning permission is required, we can manage the paperwork on your behalf to make sure the new installation is fully compliant.

How much does a solid conservatory roof cost?

Providing a precise quote for a new roof is difficult because each installation is bespoke. The final cost will depend on the size and if the conservatory needs reinforcing.

To get an accurate quote, please get in touch with us, and we will arrange a time to visit your property and complete a free appraisal.

Why Choose Transforming Conservatories?

At Transforming Conservatories our aim is to transform your conservatory into an exquisite space you can enjoy all year round without increased utility bills.


We are a Kent-based firm and have delivered a first-class product and workmanship to a lengthy list of customers across the Southeast of England.

We are among the longest-established specialist construction companies in Kent. We deliver a complete design and roof installation service that will breathe new life into your conservatory, transforming it into a gorgeous new living space that works for your family and property.

So, contact us today for a top-quality replacement roof at a highly competitive price. We can arrange finance options, and all work is covered with an iron-clad guarantee.

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