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The conservatory is a popular feature in UK homes, as they allow us to bring the outdoors inside, which is important in a country known for its erratic weather. Most conservatories are built onto the side of the house against an existing wall or as an independent garden structure. The problem with many British conservatories is they leak, are damp, or are too hot, depending on the season.

Replacing the roof on your home’s conservatory can seem like an intimidating job. Still, it’s not difficult if you use a company with the know-how. If you are a Chislehurst homeowner with an old, leaking, or draughty conservatory, we suggest you should think about a conservatory roof replacement.

We know a thing or two about replacing conservatory roofs. We have over 25 years of experience in the home improvement sector and have worked on hundreds of home energy-saving projects for over a decade.

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Conservatory roof replacement in Chislehurst

How Can You Tell if Your Conservatory Roof Needs Replacing?

If уоur соnѕеrvаtоrу is too warm for comfort in the summer, and too cold to use in the winter, the roof needs replacing. Other than poor insulation, another disadvantage of an old conservatory roof is it will be noisy when it rains, and you’ll probably experience lots of condensation.

For these reasons, a conservatory is often the most seldom used room in the home, because it simply isn’t comfortable for around seven months of the year.

Because of the insulation issue, the conservatory is used mainly for storage in a significant percentage of homes. Bikes, skateboards, and muddy wellington boots are all a familiar feature in numerous conservatories around the country. Does this sound familiar?

In the UK, many conservatories have existed since Victorian times. Due to two world wars when materials were scarce, the trend for conservatories in Britain waned, but made a comeback in the 80s and 90s when homeowners were keen to maximise their homes’ value, and home improvements were very much a thing.

If your conservatory roof is original, the question isn’t really if it will need replacing, but rather when. Why wait a few more years, allowing your conservatory to become damper and draughtier when you could get the roof replaced now and transform your conservatory into a beautiful space to enjoy all year round?

Roof Replacement Materials

Most conservatories built before the millennium will have a roof made from glass panels or polycarbonate. Polycarbonate, like glass, is not a good insulator. But homeowners chose it frequently during the 80s and 90’s due to it being an inexpensive material that did the main job of keeping a conservatory dry.

However, these days, people are far more energy-conscious, and heating or cooling a conservatory with a polycarbonate roof will lead to unnecessarily high utility bills and also be a drain on the environment.

Here at Transforming Conservatories, we offer several types of replacement roofs. First, we add ‘Glass Reinforced Plastic’ or GRP rafters to your existing conservatory structure. Once this is in place, we put waterproof sheets under the rafters, which are much lighter than plasterboard, and do not overload the original structure.

Once the structure is in place, we add a high-quality Tapco or Metrotile roof with a finish like that of your property.

In 2010, planning laws in England and Wales were relaxed, in in most cases, you can now install a solid roof to your conservatory without requiring planning permission. In the unlikely circumstances planning permission is needed, we will take care of it for you.

But is it worth replacing the roof?

Conservatories are a perfect way to gain an extra room in your home. They offer increased kerb appeal and add substantial value to a property.

A solid tiled roof will last for generations. It will turn that old junk room into a comfortable living space the entire family can enjoy, a home office, or simply a relaxing retreat for quiet time.

Installing a solid conservatory roof in your Chislehurst home will transform it from a space that is only useful during a few months of the year into an open living area. You’ll gain a room for a fraction of the cost of selling up and moving to a larger home.

Why Transforming Conservatories?

Our mission at Transforming Conservatories is to convert your conservatory into a gorgeous space you will use and appreciate all year round without worrying about inflated utility bills.

We are a Kent-based you can depend on. We have delivered first-class workmanship and improved the living space of numerous customers across the Southeast of England during the last 25 years.

We’ve so many completed projects under our belt we are sure we can supply you with a new conservatory roof you will love. We provide a complete design and roof fitting service that will breathe new life into your home, transforming the conservatory into an attractive living space that functions for your family, visitors, and your property.

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