A Conservatory With Advanced Thermal Performance by Ultraframe

Ultraframe, the world’s market-leading conservatory supplier, manufactures The Performance Conservatory. If you select this model, you can enjoy the unbelievable aesthetics of the construction and cutting-edge thermal performance.

We expect you are wondering what makes the performance conservatory different from other models available on the market. Super-insulated sturdy columns add a sense of permanence to the configuration while stabilising the temperature inside. Flat or fluted choices are available, depending on if you prefer a traditional or modern look. Ultraframe columns are 500 percent more thermally efficient than brick pillars and can achieve a U-value as low as 0.16.

Extreme UK weather conditions won’t affect the Performance Conservatory. Whether you live in Kent or another part of the southeast, we guarantee you can use your Performance Conservatory comfortably all year round. Each installation uses NASA satellite data that predicts snow and wind loading in any given area.

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Modern performance conservatory


A performance conservatory looks spectacular when seen from the outside. We can supply a flat ornamental cornice compatible with Ultraframe conservatory roofs. The cornice creates exceptional sightlines that hide guttering and the roofline.


The Performance Conservatory is compatible with Ultraframe’s two most popular roof systems, Classic and Quantal. These feature concealed elements that allow for wide pelmets and expansive doors.

An insulated pelmet fitted around the frame of the Performance Conservatory stops warm air from the interior from escaping. During hot weather, the ingenious thermally efficient glass prevents the interior from overheating and becoming too warm. By managing heat loss, the roof design guarantees the conservatory’s interior is at a cosy temperature all year-round.


The Performance Conservatory design works with any conservatory shape or size. If garden space is restricted and you want a small conservatory, a lean-to shape fixed to the side of the house is a perfect solution. Or you might prefer a P-shape offering two distinct areas if you have a large garden.

You want your new conservatory to have an impact without overwhelming your home’s architectural tone. The Performance Conservatory comes in assorted colours to blend perfectly with the existing property.

Like with other Ultraframe models, the Performance Conservatory allows you to add expansive bi-fold doors or sliding doors to open the space, flood it with light and enjoy the views.


We are a family-run, long-established company with an impressive customer service record. We work with leading sector manufacturers to deliver products to satisfy our client’s demands and expectations. Based in Sidcup, Kent, we supply and fit conservatories, orangeries, and conservatory roof upgrades throughout Kent and the southeast of England.

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