Conservatory Roof Replacement Welling

In Welling, homeowners with a leaking, damp, or draughty conservatory should consider a conservatory roof replacement. Conservatories are traditionally built on the side of an existing house wall or as independent buildings. In the UK, homeowners added many of these structures to British homes in the eighties and nineties, and roofs were typically made from inexpensive polycarbonate. If you have an older Edwardian or Victorian conservatory, it is likely the top will be made of glass panels.

Conservatories are a perfect way to add living space to your home with the added benefit of increased kerb appeal and adding significant value to a property.

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Conservatory Roof Replacement Welling

So why replace the roof?

A solid tiled roof will last for many decades, much longer than traditional polycarbonate, and make for a more desirable living space for your family.

Installing a conservatory roof replacement in Welling will change the conservatory from a space that is only useful during certain months of the year to an open living space with enough room for the whole family. In other words, you’ll get an extra room for a fraction of the cost of moving to a bigger home.

Benefits of roof replacement

At Transforming Conservatories, we pay close attention to conserving energy, and as a result, our product provides superb insulation with aesthetic appeal. Our designs have a modern feel, but at the same time, we take care to make the new roof as similar as possible to your house roof, if that is your choice.

Whether your current roof is polycarbonate or a typical Edwardian, Victorian glass type, you will probably find that you rarely use the structure in winter due to chilly drafts. Furthermore, particularly in the case of glass, find it is far too hot for comfort during the summertime. Glass and polycarbonate are not efficient insulators and allow heat to escape during the winter yet contrarily, entrap heat inside on hot days. Increasing the conservatory’s roof insulation will solve this problem.

Insulated curtains can help prevent heat transfer in and out of the conservatory, but they thoroughly change the atmosphere of this outdoor space, transforming it into a dark cave-like room. To avoid the problem of insulation in this type of extension, few solutions are available. Replacing a glass roof with a more insulating material is the only efficient way to prevent heat transfer and enjoy improved insulation, so your conservatory remains comfortable all year long.

For an even more enhanced performance, we can add extra insulation underneath the tiles for greater thermal balance. While you will need to pay for a new roof, the cost is offset by reducing bills and the value a brand-new conservatory roof will add to the home.

Besides the additional floor space, a contemporary conservatory filled with beautiful flowers and plants is visually impressive. So much that when you decide to sell your home, it will be a unique and striking stand-out feature and give you a better chance of a quick sale compared to comparable homes in the area.

Will an old conservatory withstand a heavier roof?

As an experienced and professional company with many years of working in the sector, we carefully analyse whether your existing structure can withstand the weight of a new roof before starting any work. In the vast majority of cases, even Edwardian and Victorian conservatories can bear the extra load.

As soon as we determine your old conservatory is structurally sound, we can begin replacing the roof. But first, our team will discuss your preferred material, design choices, and answer any queries you have.

Why Transforming Conservatories?

Transforming Conservatories’ goal is to change your conservatory into a beautiful space you can use and enjoy all year round without having to worry about increased utility bills.

We are a Kent-based firm that Welling residents can depend on. We have delivered first-class workmanship and improved living space to an extensive list of customers across the Southeast of England.

We are one of the longest established specialist construction companies in Kent. We deliver a complete design and roof installation service that will breathe new life into your conservatory, transforming it into a gorgeous new living space that works for your family and your property.

If your conservatory roof replacement requires planning permission (this is very unlikely), our company will also take care of that for you.

So, contact us today for a high-quality replacement at an extremely competitive price. We also offer finance options and an iron-clad guarantee.

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