Conservatories were traditionally used to grow tropical plants. However, in more recent years are used to provide an extra room in the home, often used as a dining area or a space for relaxing. However, the problem with many UK conservatories is they were built back in the 1980s when inexpensive polycarbonate was typically used for the roof.

Polycarbonate is not a good insulator, and heat is trapped inside the structure during the summer, but contrarily, it quickly escapes when the temperatures are cold outside. This renders the conservatory practically useless for at least six months of the year. Many Eltham homeowners are now choosing to replace their old conservatory roofs as they are no longer getting the most out of them.

There are several reasons why you should consider replacing your conservatory roof. An old roof means it can be extremely costly to heat a conservatory or orangery during the winter months. Another reason is a dilapidated, leaky roof will spoil the look of the conservatory and, in turn, your home. Another reason for changing the roof is you want to use the space more, and in the same way you use the rest of the house, with light fittings attached to the ceiling, perhaps with a modern speaker system, to provide an ambient space to unwind. A new roof will help block out noise, keeping outside noise out and any noise you generate inside, so you do not have to worry about disturbing your neighbours.

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About Transforming Conservatories

Transforming conservatories is a long-running family-run business that specialises in conservatory roof replacement in Eltham and surrounding areas. We have transformed hundreds of conservatories in Kent and across the southeast for the best part of three decades. We offer various diverse designs and concepts to match your property’s existing exterior. We love to see a happy customer when we complete the job!

Our experienced team consists of specialists in conservatory roofing instead of general builders. We are known for our high standard of workmanship, which we always complete as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Our stunning solid roofs don’t only add all-year-round living space to an Eltham home. They also bring character to a tired construction and dull decor. They are a practical, cost-effective option if you want to revamp and expand your amount of living space.

Roof Replacement Benefits

Our expert services extend to a vast range of conservatory types. We transform flimsy lean-tos into solid storage space and old Victorian conservatories into stunning rooms that link the inside with the outdoors. Our team can advise you on which roof style would be best for your home.

Once the space has a solid roof, the possibilities for its use are endless. From an extra living room to a separate dining area, home office, or children’s playroom, you’ll have an additional room to enjoy.

Conservatories are a relatively inexpensive form of home extension that improve kerb appeal and, when adequately insulated, will add considerable value to a home.

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Improve Thermal Efficiency with a New Conservatory Roof

Since the 1980s, many things have changed in the UK, including the demand for eco-friendly, energy-efficient constructions. Conservatories lost popularity during the war and post-war years when building materials were required for more pressing matters. When they became fashionable again during the 1970s, homeowners often used them only as occasional rooms. However, these days, living space is at a premium, and we want any rooms we have to be functional for 12 months of the year. Today, an out-of-date 1980s structure will not satisfy Eltham homeowners because the poor conservatory roof insulation does not allow for all-year-round use.

Type of Roof Styles

If your conservatory was built in the 80s or 90s, it’s likely to have a polycarbonate roof. It could still have original glass conservatory roof if built before in Edwardian or Victorian style. In those days, conservatories were commonly added to homes belonging to the very wealthy and used to house exotic plants. Therefore, the greenhouse effect created by the glass panels was a welcome advantage but is a distinct disadvantage for homeowners today who prefer to use the rooms in their house as comfortable living spaces.

Substituting a glass or polycarbonate roof with a solid tiled conservatory roof is the perfect solution to transform your conservatory into a usable new room you can appreciate all year round. Swapping an old roof for a solid roof will enhance thermal efficiency and the structure’s appearance without starting over. With a solid tiled roof, you gain an extra room that becomes a true part of your home.

Is Replacing a Roof Financially Viable?

While it is understandable that homeowners don’t want to pay out money on something they may not think is a priority, the fact is that replacing an old roof with a bespoke modern design is offset by saving money on utility bills in the long run.

Furthermore, when it comes to selling your home, a neglected conservatory with an old worn glass roof will not be a positive selling point for possible buyers. Most people realise that glass-roofed conservatories are expensive to heat and impractical, apart from during the months when temperatures are moderate. However, a conservatory with a high-performance insulated roof will add value to your property.

Of course, if you like the natural light a glass roof provides, you can opt to include skylights in a solid roof using Low-E glass glazed panels that will help keep energy bills low.

Can An Old Conservatory Carry the Weight of a New Heavier Roof?

It’s an excellent question! And it is not only the weight of the roof we must consider, but also extra load caused by strong winds or heavy snowfall.

Wind loads are reduced by the roof chassis structure on older conservatories with polycarbonate or glass roofs. Builders employed a tie bar to reduce wind loads and prevent the risk of collapse. Snow was not an issue for conservatory builders because it soon melted and slid off rapidly due to the typical heat loss through the roof.

A solid roof, on the other hand, is highly insulated. Therefore, snow loading is more of a problem because it is unlikely to melt, so it stays on the roof until temperatures rise.

Considering this concern and the added weight of a new roof, our engineer will thoroughly examine your existing structure to determine its resilience and ensure that it can withstand the extra weight

Most older conservatories can tolerate a solid roof replacement, once we’ve determined that your conservatory is structurally sound and capable of supporting the weight of a new roof, we can start work. Our experts will discuss the various materials, colours, and design options with you in-depth before starting. You’ll also have the opportunity to add other home improvement features like guttering and vents.

After we’ve finalised the specifics and specs, we’ll schedule a time to start working at your convenience.

Our goal is to turn your conservatory into a delightful room that you can use all year.

Eltham Solid Conservatory Roofs

Our conservatory roofs are great for Kent house owners who wish to update an outdated conservatory without having to create a completely new structure. An outdated, draughty, conservatory can be fixed with a long-lasting solid conservatory roof replacement.

What Are the Benefits of Using Transforming Conservatories?

We are a well-known, long-established Kent firm that takes pleasure in providing high-quality service and client satisfaction. We will take care of the paperwork on your behalf if replacing your old roof requires planning permission due to municipal building regulations. We perform high-quality conservatory roof systems while remaining mindful of your budget. An iron-clad five-year guarantee covers our work for your total peace of mind, and we also provide financing alternatives.

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