Conservatory Roof Replacement Dartford

Are you a Dartford homeowner with an old leaky conservatory? If so, it is time to bring your conservatory up to date. If your extension looks a little worse for wear, it is probably time to consider a tiled conservatory roof replacement.

We are a family-run business that’s provided homeowners with conservatory roof replacements in Dartford for the best part of three decades. With a well-established team specializing in conservatory roofing, we are known for our expertise, knowledge, first-class service, and efficient work.

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Conservatory Roof Replacement Dartford

Save Energy with a Conservatory Roof Replacement

Conservatories are ideal for adding much-needed living space to a family home. They are also a home improvement that enhances kerb appeal and adds significant value to a home, providing they are energy efficient, of course.

In the eighties, when house prices skyrocketed in many parts of the UK, savvy homeowners realised they could increase their floor space for a fraction of the cost of moving by adding an extension when a lack of space in the home became an issue. But things have changed a lot since the 1980s and 90s, and the retro design of an eighty’s conservatory will not satisfy today’s homeowners. In those days, conservatories were often used as occasional rooms, but nowadays, we want to be comfortable in every room of our homes and are much more conscious of our carbon footprint and energy bills.

Depending on the age and type of conservatory, it’s likely to have a polycarbonate roof or a typical Edwardian or Victorian type of roof made with glass panels. A glass conservatory roof makes the structure too cold to use in winter and far too hot for comfort during the summer. Glass is not an efficient insulator and allows heat to escape in wintry weather, yet conversely, it traps heat inside on hot days. The solution to this problem is improving the conservatory roof insulation of the structure.

One method to accomplish this is to use insulated curtains to help prevent heat transfer in and out of the conservatory. But since a conservatory is a wonderful way to bring the outdoors in and vice versa, adding dark curtains and blocking natural light will completely change the atmosphere of the space. Therefore, the most practical solution is to replace a glass roof with a more insulating material. A solid conservatory roof delivers significantly better insulation than glass. We can also add even more insulation underneath the solid tiles to increase the thermal performance of the structure further.

Will An Old Conservatory Withstand a New Heavier Roof?

Most older conservatories can support a roof replacement. But before starting work, we always evaluate the load-bearing capacity of the structure and the condition of the foundations to be sure your conservatory can withstand a brand-new roof.

Once we are sure your old conservatory is structurally sound and will support the weight of a new roof, work can begin. Our team will discuss the bespoke roofing choices available regarding materials, design, colours, and extra features such as guttering or venting. They will answer any queries you have to make sure you’re confident to hire us to replace your conservatory or orangery roof.

Once all details and specifications are finalised, we will arrange a date that suits you to replace the roof.

Our goal is to transform your conservatory into a beautiful space you will enjoy all year round.

Solid Conservatory Roof Replacements Dartford

Why Use Transforming Conservatories?

We are a long-established company that prides itself on delivering first-class workmanship and customer satisfaction. In the unlikely event replacing your old roof requires planning permission due to local building regulations, we will take care of that on your behalf. We provide the highest quality conservatory roof replacements that are within expected budgets and an iron-clad guarantee for your peace of mind, we also offer finance options, so contact us to find out more.

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