If you are a Bexleyheath homeowner with a conservatory built during the 1980s or 1990s, chances are the roof is made from polycarbonate or another similar inexpensive material. If that is the case, you are in the right place, as it is time to bring your roof up to date. An older conservatory roof will not be energy efficient, look good, or last much longer. So, if your conservatory seems a little worse for wear, consider a tiled conservatory roof replacement.

Transforming conservatories is a family-run business that provides Bexleyheath homeowners with solid conservatory roofs. We have transformed conservatories across the southeast for almost 30 years. Our experienced team does not consist of general builders but specialists in conservatory roofing. We are well known for our high standard of workmanship, which we always complete as quickly and efficiently as possible.

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Conservatory Roof Replacement Bexleyheath

Improve Thermal Efficiency with a Conservatory Roof Replacement

Conservatories are perfect for adding living space to a family home. They are a home improvement that improves kerb appeal and, when energy-efficient, will add significant value to a property.

In the 1980s, property prices soared in many parts of the UK. This led to massive financial expense if a family required a bigger home, so many turned to extensions to increase the floor and storage space available. The cost of an extension was minor compared to moving house and added value to the home.

But since the 1980s, many things have changed, including the need to eco-friendly, thermally efficient buildings. Furthermore, when conservatories became fashionable again in the 1970s, after losing popularity during the war and post-war years, homeowners would often use them as occasional rooms. However, these days, if we have living space, we ideally want it to be comfortable all year round, and a retro 1980s conservatory will not fulfil today’s homeowner’s needs.

Old Roof Styles

Depending on the type of conservatory and the year it was built, it’s likely to have a polycarbonate roof. If it is an Edwardian or Victorian conservatory, it could still have the original glass panels. A glass conservatory roof lets in plenty of natural light but has a greenhouse effect, making the structure too cold if there is no sunshine and way too warm for comfort on hot sunny days. Glass is not an effective insulator and lets heat out, apart from conversely, on hot days, when it traps heat inside, The solution is to swap the roof for one that offers insulation.

Replacing the roof of a conservatory with a solid roof is a wonderful way to turn your conservatory into a functional space that you can enjoy year-round. A solid tiled roof gives you an extra room that truly becomes a part of your home. Replacing an older glass or polycarbonate roof with an alternative solid roof is a terrific way to enhance thermal efficiency and the look of your conservatory without starting over.

Some homeowners don’t want the expense of replacing an old conservatory roof with a modern tiled roof system, but a new insulated version will save money on bills in the long run. It will also transform the appearance of the conservatory and how you use this precious living space.

Your tired polycarbonate or glass system can easily be upgraded to one of our award-winning solid roof options, transforming an old little-used space into a heat-efficient, attractive, light-filled extension. Furthermore, if you want to sell soon, a dilapidated conservatory with an old or damaged glass roof will not be a good selling point for potential buyers. Most people know that glass-roofed conservatories are impractical unless temperatures are moderate.

Of course, you can include skylights and glass roof windows in a solid rood to maximise natural light, using low-E glass that can help reduce energy bills.

Can An Old Conservatory Carry Weather Load and the Weight of a New Roof?

This is a good question. On older conservatories with polycarbonate or glass roofs, wind loads are lessened by the roof chassis structure. In many older conservatories, a tie bar was used to decrease wind loads to prevent the danger of collapse. Snow was of little concern to conservatory builders, as because of the typical heat loss through the roof, snow would melt and slide off quickly.

However, a solid roof is well insulated, so snow loading is more of an issue because it’s doubtful it will melt and therefore it stays on the roof until temperatures rise.

In recognition of this issue and the extra weight of a new roof, our experts will study the existing structure thoroughly to investigate its stability and make sure it is entirely safe and suitable for its purpose, no matter what the unpredictable UK weather decides to throw at us.

Most older conservatories will withstand a roof replacement, and once we are sure your conservatory is structurally sound and can sustain the weight of a new roof, work can begin. Our team will discuss the choices available regarding materials, colours, and design. You will also have the option of additional features such as guttering or venting.

Once we determine all details and specifications, we will arrange a date at your convenience to begin work.

Our goal is to transform your conservatory into a beautiful space you will enjoy all year round.

Solid Conservatory Roofs In Bexleyheath

Our conservatory roofs are ideal for Bexleyheath homeowners who want to add a contemporary and practical spin on an outdated conservatory without building an entirely new build. An enduring solid conservatory roof replacement is the solution to an old, drafty, leaky conservatory. Available in a range of colours, the new roof can be matched to your property’s existing appearance, maintaining the character of the building.

Is It Financially Worth Replacing An Existing Conservatory Or Orangery Roof?

Yes, a new conservatory bespoke roof is cost-effective and worth the initial investment. A modern roof will improve thermal performance and give you a relaxing space you can use all year round, just like the other rooms in your home. Unlike glass roof system panels, you can install ambient lights and music by fixing fittings and speakers to the ceiling.

Besides the comfort a solid conservatory roof delivers, the most prominent advantage of an updated roof is high-performance insulation. The room will be warm in the winter and cool in summer, so you won’t need to waste money trying to achieve an ambient temperature.

Why Use Transforming Conservatories?

We are a well-known, established Kent company that prides itself on delivering a high standard of work and customer satisfaction. If replacing your old roof demands planning permission due to local building regulations, we will take care of the paperwork on your behalf. We provide high-quality conservatory roof replacements and will always work within your budget. A five-year guarantee covers all our work for your peace of mind, and we offer finance options.

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