Conservatory Roof Replacement Bexley

For an affordable conservatory roof replacement, you need to look no further. Transforming Conservatories is a team of specialists in replacing old and tired conservatory roofs with brand new lightweight tiled roofs. The new roof keeps the space warm in the winter by stopping heat from escaping and cool in the summer, providing protection from the sun. Our conservatory roof replacements are fitted onto existing roof structures, transforming your conservatory into a room suitable for all-year-round use.

We manufacture our conservatory roofs from high-quality, durable materials. All work is covered with an iron-clad guarantee.

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Save on Energy Bills with a Conservatory Roof Replacement

If you are a Bexley homeowner with an old leaky conservatory, it is high time to bring the structure into the 21st century. If your extension was built in the 1980s or 90s, it probably has a polycarbonate roof.

Polycarbonate was commonly used to make conservatory roofs as it’s inexpensive and will do the basic job of keeping the rain out and the room’s contents dry.

However, the relatively low cost of polycarbonate is the only advantage of using this material, as it isn’t practical from an insulation point of view or aesthetically appealing. Polycarbonate can be difficult to keep clean, which over time makes the conservatory look old and worn.

After 30 or 40 years, it is to be expected that a polycarbonate roof is reaching the end of its lifespan. Heat in a room with an old polycarbonate roof is lost through the ceiling as heat rises, so a conservatory roof must be insulating. The roof is also an essential element of any construction, so it can compromise the entire conservatory if it’s impaired.

If your conservatory is Edwardian or Victorian it could have a glass-panelled roof. While glass is perfect for those who like plenty of natural light, a glass conservatory roof will make the space too cold to use in winter and way too hot during the summer, meaning you can only use the conservatory comfortably during Spring and Autumn. Like polycarbonate, glass is not an effective insulator, and heat will exit through the roof in wintry weather, yet contrarily, it traps warmth inside on sunny days.

One way to improve this situation and make the room more comfortable when temperatures drop or rise is to use insulated curtains. These help control heat transfer, block out light and dull noise. But since a conservatory is commonly used to enjoy the outdoors, adding dark curtains, and blocking out the light and views will transform the feel of the conservatory, and not in a good way.

So, the most sensible answer is to replace the glass roof with a solid insulating roof. A solid conservatory roof provides much better insulation to save energy than glass.

Will An Old Conservatory Withstand a New Heavier Roof?

Even older conservatories can usually sustain a roof replacement. But before starting, we assess the load-bearing capacity of the conservatory and the state of the foundations to be certain your structure can take the weight of a brand-new roof.

Once we are confident your conservatory is structurally sound and will support a new roof, work can begin. Our team will explain the choices available concerning materials, colours, design, and any extra features you might want, such as guttering or ventilation.

Once all the points and specifications are decided, we will arrange a date at your convenience to replace the roof and transform your conservatory into a beautiful space you will enjoy all year round.

Solid Conservatory Roof Replacements Bexley

Our conservatory roof replacements are ideal for Bexley homeowners who want to add style and a functional spin to an old-fashioned conservatory without the bother of building a new structure. A contemporary solid conservatory roof is the most practical solution to updating a draughty and damp conservatory.

But Is It Worth Replacing A Conservatory Roof?

If you have neglected your conservatory for a long time, you probably do not use it often, especially if it lets in dampness and draughts. As you hardly use the space, you may wonder if it is worth the cost of replacing the roof.

However, a new roof is cost-effective and worth the initial investment. At some point, it won’t be a choice but will become necessary to replace it. The new modern roof will enhance the conservatory’s thermal efficiency and provide you with an extra room for all year-round use.

Unlike with old roof styles, with a solid roof, you can fix ambient lighting to the ceiling and even speakers giving you a relaxing space to listen to music or watch TV.

Why Use Transforming Conservatories?

We are a long-established company that always delivers first-class workmanship and is

dedicated to customer satisfaction. In the improbable event replacing the roof needs planning permission; we will deal with that for you. We provide the highest quality conservatory roof replacements within the average budget. Our iron-clad guarantee gives you peace of mind, and we furthermore offer finance options to make payments in instalments, so contact us to find out more.

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