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Are you looking for a way to add space and style to your Orpington home? Look no further than Transforming Conservatories. We offer beautiful glass structures with insulated roofs and columns, which provide homeowners with many benefits, from increasing a home’s value to providing a peaceful space to unwind.

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Conservatory Orpington

The History of Conservatories

Conservatories have an interesting history that dates to the 16th century. Initially used in the UK to protect exotic plants and fruit trees from harsh weather, conservatories quickly became popular among the wealthy and elite. By the 19th century, conservatories had changed from being fancy greenhouses into a symbol of status and wealth, with many grand estates featuring elaborate, large glass structures.

Design Options for a Conservatory in Orpington

Orpington has varied housing styles, ranging from period Victorian and Edwardian homes to modern flats and new estates.

Several popular residential areas in Orpington are known for their family-friendly atmosphere and excellent schools, such as the Chelsfield Park and Farnborough Park areas. These areas have large, detached properties and large gardens, making them popular with families and ideal for a conservatory to add extra living space.

Today, conservatories come in many designs, from traditional Victorian to sleek, modern styles. Some of our most popular design options for conservatories in Orpington include:

Victorian Conservatories: Featuring ornate details, with steeply pitched roofs and a bay front, Victorian conservatories present a classic, elegant look that’s ideal for period properties.

Edwardian Conservatories: Although similar to Victorian conservatories, Edwardian designs have a more understated look, with cleaner lines and more simple, symmetrical shapes.

Lean-To Conservatories: Lean-tos are perfect for properties with limited garden space, as they are directly attached to an existing wall. These conservatories offer a sleek, modern design with a gently sloping roof.

P-shaped Conservatories: P-shaped conservatories get their name from their shape, which combines features of a lean-to conservatory (the extended part of the P) and a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory, represented by the rounded end of the letter P. This design, whilst usually more costly than other shapes, provides plenty of extra room and can be split into two additional rooms.

Orangery Extensions: Orangery extensions are a popular option to traditional conservatories, delivering a stylish, practical way to extend a home. An orangery typically has a brick or stone base and a glass roof, with tall windows for plenty of light. The stone base gives the structure a more solid feel than a conservatory, and the glass roof ensures the space is bright and airy. Orangeries are often used for more living space, as a dining room, or as a kitchen extension.

Bespoke Conservatories: If you have a specific design in mind, we offer bespoke conservatories tailored to your specifications.

Benefits of a Conservatory

There are many benefits to adding a conservatory to your Orpington home, including:

Extra Space: Whether you need a home office, a playroom for the children, or a peaceful spot to relax, a conservatory can provide functional extra space that you can use for any purpose.

Increased Home Value: Adding a conservatory is a sure-fire way to increase the value of your home, making it a wise future investment.

Natural Light: Conservatories let in plenty of natural light to boost your mood and improve your overall well-being.

Connection to Nature: With glass walls and roofs, conservatories offer a seamless link to the outdoors, allowing you to enjoy your garden and the changing scenery all year round.

Energy Efficiency: Unlike older models, modern conservatories are energy efficient, with features like double-glazed windows and insulated pillars and roofs to keep your home warm in the wintertime and cool in the summer.

FAQs About Orpington Conservatory Installation

How long does it take to install a conservatory?

The installation time for a conservatory in Orpington will vary depending on the size and design of the structure. However, most conservatory installations take between 2-4 weeks.

Do I need planning permission for a conservatory in Orpington? 

In most cases, you won’t need planning permission as long as the design meets specific criteria, such as being less than 4 metres high and not extending more than half the width of the house.

Can I use my conservatory all year round? 

Yes, our conservatories are designed for all-year-round use. They are well-insulated and equipped with heating and cooling materials to keep them at a comfortable temperature regardless of the weather conditions outside.

How much does a conservatory cost? 

The cost of a conservatory depends on many factors, including the size, design, the materials, and any extra features. A high-quality conservatory costs anywhere between £10,000-£30,000. Contact us to discuss your project, and we will give you an exact quote.

Do I need to maintain my conservatory? 

Only like you maintain any other part of your home. A conservatory needs some maintenance to keep it looking and functioning at its best. Upkeep includes cleaning the glass, checking seals, and keeping the roof debris-free.

Adding a Solid Roof to an Existing Conservatory

If your Orpington home features an old conservatory, chances are you do not use it often because it is too cold in winter and hot in the summer. Adding a solid roof to a conservatory with an old roof is a popular home improvement project for homeowners in Orpington. A solid roof will transform an outdated or underused conservatory into a year-round, comfortable, energy-efficient living space.

Another benefit of adding a solid roof to a conservatory is increased energy efficiency. Solid roofs insulate way better than polycarbonate or glass roofs, meaning less heat is lost through the roof, reducing your energy bills and carbon footprint. A solid roof can also help reduce noise from rain or hail, making the conservatory quieter and a more peaceful space.

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A conservatory in Orpington is a beautiful addition to any home, offering extra space, style, and a seamless outdoor connection. Whether you prefer a classic Victorian design or a modern, bespoke structure, there’s a conservatory to suit your budget and preferences.

And with the benefits like increased home value, natural light, and energy efficiency, a conservatory is an intelligent investment that will enhance your home and quality of life for years to come.

So why not contact us, and we will explore your options for a new conservatory or a conservatory roof replacement in your Orpington home today?

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