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Glance back to the 1970’s and conservatories were used as occasional rooms. They were sat in and enjoyed during sunnier weather. Fast forward to today however and conservatories are a far more significant part of the home.

With something as simple as a roof upgrade, your conservatories can be converted to year-round living spaces enjoyed by all the family. What’s more, modern conservatories today now boast some incredible energy saving aspects but if yours needs a little help, there’s plenty that you can do.

Temperature Extremes Can Be A Thing Of The Past

One of the first things you can look at doing is replacing the glass in your conservatory. With modern day glass you benefit from glass coatings that make the window panels themselves far less prone to extreme changes in temperature. Modern day glass means your conservatory will remain cooler in summer and warmer in winter. With the old glass replaced for new glass boasting modern day coatings, the conservatory becomes much more liveable with temperature extremes a thing of the past.

Conservatory solid roof replacement
Lean to conservatory solid roof replacement

When looking at replacement glass, do look at the energy efficiency of the glass itself. Many glaziers now offer A+ energy efficient glass that will provide you with the best temperature control. This also means the need for heating during winter months is lessened and the need for fans and AC during summer months is lessened too. You will without a doubt notice a difference in your energy bills.

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Thermal Efficiency With A Replacement Roof

One way to help increase the thermal efficiency of your conservatory is to replace the roof. Replacing your glass roof with a tiled roof will not only increase the roofs ability to insulate but can help to make your conservatory a more seamless, open-plan part of your house, instead of a mere add-on – two birds with one stone.

At Transforming Conservatories, they replace old conservatory roofs with tiled roof options that are more substantial, both visually and in functionality. A great deal of the heat in our homes escape through the roof. By replacing your existing conservatory roof with a tiled option, you’re increasing the thermal efficiency by increasing insulation and reducing heat loss.

Orangery interior with sunburst warm roof

It’s the perfect solution for those who are looking to make their conservatory more cost-effective and save energy further. Tiled roofs using synthetic tiles are incredibly hard-wearing too and offer an all-weather thermal insulation in a range of colours so not only are your energy gains accommodated but your style choices are too.

Tiled conservatory roofs from the likes of Transforming Conservatories are also very lightweight. This is a huge bonus for those looking to replace the roof on a much older conservatory that may not be able to stand the weight of a more solid roof.

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