While the weather outside is frightful (try not to break into song here), spring is not far away and with this change in season comes the inevitable spring clean. With many running throughout the house to spring clean, here at Transforming Conservatories, we’re focusing our attention of course on getting your conservatories ready for spring.

Our Favourite Ways To Prepare For Spring

Here are just a few ways we like to prepare for the change in seasons and that oh so welcome, warmer weather arriving.


It’s surprising, especially during the winter just how many people begin using their conservatories as a storage room. While this may be great during the colder months, it won’t be so great heading into spring and summer when you’ll undoubtedly want to use it more. Decluttering is the best way to step into spring too, helping your home look and feel fresh but getting rid of everything you don’t need. When it comes to decluttering, the only advice we have is to be ruthless. If you haven’t used it in six months, consider it gone.

Conservatory solid roof replacement
Lean to conservatory solid roof replacement

Deep Clean

Once you’ve decluttered and created some much needed space, it’s time for a deep clean. Get yourself into every nook and cranny, from window frames to window shutter slats; every inch of your conservatory needs to be cleaned to within an inch of its life. Get rid of dust, dirt and any debris lying around for a fresh new start this spring. If you don’t have the time to do it yourself, there are many companies out there who’ll happily do it for you at a very reasonable rate.


There’s nothing quite like a lick of paint to give something a new lease of life and now is the perfect time. You’ve decluttered and you’ve cleaned, so the obvious next step is to give your conservatory a quick lick of paint to really freshen the place up.

Lean to conservatory solid roof replacement

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You Can Replace Your Existing Roof

Conservatory tiled roof replacement

Freshen Up

Wash rugs, cushion covers, furniture covers and even curtains if you have them. Now’s the time to make the place not only look fresh but smell fresh too.

Change Conservatory Roof To Tiled Roof

Last but not least, replacing your conservatory roof with a tiled roof could be the perfect way to give it a fresh new look for the spring season. Here at Transforming Conservatories, we can offer you the best solid conservatory roof in the UK. Not only will this give your conservatory a much more substantial roof, but it can also help regulate temperatures within your conservatories too. With glass reinforced plastic rafters, two levels of insulation and of course tiles, you’ll benefit from a much more energy efficient conservatory ready for the spring weather. What could be better?

Conservatory tiled roof replacement

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