A tiled conservatory roof is a new idea for many but it can be one of the most transformational moves that conservatory owners make. Whether you’re looking to make your conservatory a more solid and fluid part of your home’s floor plan or simply want to upgrade your conservatory as part of your prep for spring, here’s everything you need to know about tiled conservatory roofs and conservatory roof replacements.

You Won’t Necessarily Need Planning Permission

The vast majority of solid, tiled and even glazed roof conservatories will not need planning permission and that’s for the simple fact that they’re covered under something called, ‘permitted development’. There are of course limits and conditions within permitted development when it comes to placement and of course size however it’s entirely possible to build a tiled roof conservatory without going through planning permission.

Conservatory solid roof replacement
Lean to conservatory solid roof replacement

To find out what you are and aren’t allowed to do, simply check the Government’s Planning Portal. On here, you’ll find everything you need to know regarding what you can and can’t do under ‘permitted planning’. In order to ensure your conservatory meets the requirements of a conservatory and not an extension (which would require building regulation and planning permission), you’ll need to ensure the conservatory is separate from the house itself with the help of a separate external wall.

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You Can Replace Your Existing Roof

The design and engineering behind our conservatory roof replacements means that not only are they lightweight but they’re lightweight enough to be placed on existing conservatories. That means not only can they be used on new build conservatories but they can also be used on existing conservatories in need of refurbishment. Often deemed as ‘retrofit’, a tiled roof replacement can be the perfect upgrade for your conservatory, keeping it looking fresh and in great working order.

Conservatory tiled roof replacement

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